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Xiamen xin boya electronic technology co., LTD. Was established in April 2012 formally established upon the approval of the xiamen city administration for industry and commerce registration of the limited liability company (natural person investment), the registered capital: ErBai 2012 ten thousand 2012 yuan.Is a professional research and development, production, sales LED products and security series products manufacturers.

Hin boya company independent research and development, production and sales of electronic police, intelligent transportation, skynet project, road monitoring, safe city project dedicated LED products: power frequency flash, flashing light (white/infrared), gas flashing lights, intelligent induction flash light, solar parking lot induction flash;Lighting lamp (including laser fill light, white light fill light, infrared lamp, no red burst light, explosion-proof fill light, combined alarm lighting lamp) and other security series products.The power size, function and distance of the product can be produced according to the engineering requirement.

Outdoor lighting engineering LED special products:

(I) solar lamp series

Integration of solar street light, solar street lamp, solar landscape lights, solar garden lights, solar lawn lamp, solar head lamp, solar energy, solar wall lamp flashing lights, solar street light controller, solar off-grid power generation system, solar energy grid generation system;

(2) series of high and low pressure lamps

Street lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, lamppost, high pole lamp, square lamp;Landscape lamp, garden lamp, lawn lamp, head light, wash wall lamp, project-light lamp, advertisement lamp, floodlight, tower lights, court lights, guardrail lights, buried lights, underwater lights, tunnel lights, industrial and mining lamp, explosion-proof lamp, project-light lamp, intelligent charging induction project-light lamp, constant current power supply, switching power supply series products, outdoor engineering and extensive use in the urban outdoor lighting project, square, park, villa, road, new agricultural development in areas such as lighting.

Indoor lighting, LED lamps and lanterns: droplight, absorb dome light, tube light, lamp, wall lamp, microwave induction T8 fluorescent lamp, ball bubble lamp, lamp, explosion-proof lamp, plant such as the fill light LED series products, we in the production of their products at the same time can also according to the different requirements of customers to sample processing or the order.

After several years of international management, xinboya has gathered a team of experts of high quality optoelectronic technology to help the company develop.At present, the company successfully passed the national semiconductor LED quality inspection report, the ISO9001 quality system certification, 3 c, CE, ROHS and other international authoritative organization certification, apply for and obtain a number of invention patents and proprietary technology both at home and abroad.

Facing the increasingly mature market, xinboya adheres to the enterprise spirit of "unity, independence, integrity and enterprise", actively explores, boldly innovates, dares to fight, and regulates management.Adhere to the enterprise policy of "quality for survival, development for quality and efficiency for quality";In line with the service tenet of "integrity first and quality first";Strive to create "first-class products, first-class management and first-class service".Our independent research and development, production and sales of LED products has been widely used in urban construction all over the country, and exported to South Korea, Europe and America, southeast Asia and other regions, and with several well-known agent processing have good relations of cooperation.

In retrospect, xinboya has been forging ahead steadily, developing rapidly and bearing fruit.Sing boya confident in the future, and pioneering spirit, are with a new image, powered by innovation, market-oriented, with environmental protection and energy saving as own duty, partners at home and abroad hand in hand, jointly promote the development of China's electric light, toward a higher target.

Xiamen xinboya electronic technology co., LTD. Is rated as A grade A supplier of LED lamps by domestic and foreign group companies.

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